Like Minds

Unique, Quality, and Innovative Creations

We enjoy the creative aspects of brewing and we would like to see just how far we can push that. Through Like Minds, we’re looking to bring an innovative, high quality beverage experience into your life.

Founded on open mindedness and the pursuit of finding opportunity in all situations, Like Minds’ founders have two main things in common that have been translated into our business model – seek to understand all perspectives, and be open to new ideas. The Yin Yang symbol, based on an ancient Chinese philosophy, represents two opposites and how they can be complementary to each other. As seen in the Like Minds logo, those two opposites consist of the same thing: a brain. Our interpretation is that while individuals can often have very different views, when you stay open minded to all perspectives and ideas, you’re capable of finding the best path forward.

Our Beer and Coffee entities are our two specialties, each bringing to life  aspects of the Like Minds introduction above. We’ve been crafting our profession on both of these for a long time, and hope that you enjoy!

“We’re going to have hard things happen to us, whether that’s on the field of play, in business, or interpersonally. That’s life. We’re not in control of that necessarily, but we are in control of our minds and how we choose to react.”

- Colin O'Brady
Elite Endurance Athlete

Meet The Brewers

Like Minds Beer Company is co-owned by two long time friends.  Roommates in college, they both earned science degrees from Bloomsburg University of PA. After graduation they found a passion for home brewing, and dove in. Soon after realizing the beauty in the science of fermentation and all things brewing, they started the journey to perfect their Kombucha, Beer, and even cold brew recipes, hoping to share their craft with the world. Follow the journey in transition from home brew to brewery, and from small scale, local cold brew/Kombucha brewers to regional beverage producers.