Meet the Brewers

Ryan, Like many of you, started out brewing with an extract beer kit from the local home brew store years ago. He wanted to learn how to make the beer that he liked to drink and share with friends and family. Having a long family history of cooking and experimenting with flavors, Ryan wasn’t going to let himself just follow the recipe without putting his unique spin on it and ‘breaking the rules’ of beer styles.

 Ryan finds interest in whatever hobby or new idea is presented to him, and dives in 100% to learn it inside and out…and  when the first batch of beer turned out “drinkable,” he knew this wasn’t going to be just a weekend hobby. 

Get a couple good beers in the guy and he’ll probably talk your ear off about some psychology lesson or new philosophy teaching he just learned.

Devin Block, co-founder of Like Minds Beer Company, has been enjoying craft cold brew and craft beer for years. Devin’s interest in the uniqueness of individual ingredients and how you can translate that into a quality beverage has fueled his passion to brew. Devin’s science background and entrepreneurial mindset have helped to bring the idea of starting a quality beer company to life. The idea started as a seed when ski trips and long drives began to revolve heavily around finding the best craft beer around. Devin’s vision for the Like Minds taproom is one that’ll bring a unique beer/cold brew presence locally, and a memorable experience for travelers seeking a good time.